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30 angsts ficlet - "Wrong Words Seem To Rhyme"

Fandom: Charmed
Title: Wrong Words Seem To Rhyme
Author/Artist: decadentdream
Theme(s): #21. Lost Memories (~touching the illusion)
Pairing/Characters: Wyatt & Bianca
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Belongs to Spelling Entertainment and all other associated people. I do however claim half of Bianca since they never fully developed her.
Word Count: 221
Written For: 30_angsts

There is an apartment that lies in San Francisco, but it is empty. Inside on a desk lies a scratched up notepad with a pencil lying across its plain face. The page is blank, but if you shade in the area and cast a darkness over that light surface, you’ll find what once was. You’ll find what had been written on the page above it:

I wish I didn’t know you
For all you’ve put me through
I wish we’d never met
So I couldn’t ruin things for you
I wish you’d kept my heart intact
Instead of throwing it away
I wish you’d tried to stop me
When I’d left to make me stay
I wish I didn’t feel
Like an utter waste of time
I wish that you would have held me
To let me know you’re truly mine
I wish my days weren’t filled
With visions of painful red
And sometimes I even wish
That it was me who ended up dead

This letter is stained with tears of love,
For you will never know what it was worth to me.

There is no signature, no addressee, no to, no from. It is anonymous, yet quite obviously written by the hand of one of the pained couple. All that remains of a lost memory and a silent night.

Tags: 30 angsts, bianca, charmed, ficlet, wyatt, wyatt halliwell, wyatt/bianca

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