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Nonsensical nonsense

*bounce* So let's see. Nothing much has happened. I stayed up till 3 this morning finishing off my fic chapter, so that's up now (although ff.net still seems to think I'm two chapters less *shakes head*), and then I read Mel's IDBT update b4 I crashed. I've done mine now, having a nice little arguement with Wy hehe. Reading back, it's funny trying to work out how they ended up arguing in the first place. U can tell it was totally spontaneous cause there's no indication it was going to happen. That's what I love about RPGs, things just happen as you go. Great fun. :D

So some quizzness I robbed off a site Mel gave me this morning:

Click to take the Are you a seducer? quiz!

Click to take the Will you find true love? quiz!

Click to take the Do you have a criminal mind? quiz!

Click to take the Are you a true artist? quiz!

Click to take the Are you born for the stage? quiz!

Click to take the Are you trailer trash? quiz!

original_lie asked:
001 - What are the origins of the Decadent Dream nick?
I have to admit, I never came up with it on my own. I've been through about 3 different nicks before I came around to this one. In the height of my Duran Duran obsession, I was frequenting their board quite a lot. One of the band members (who was not with the group originally, joined later, but has since left) made a name generator compositing of every single, album, and lyric from their songs, with the promise that no two names would be the same. DecadentDream is what came up for me. I loved it to pieces, and no-one anywhere has it, so kept it for my nick. Really I guess it's another way of saying self-indulgent dream, whether you can apply that creativity or writing I don't know, but there you have it.

002 - If you could change places with anyone, would you? If so who and why?
You? So I can have some time to sleep and write? Haha. That is seriously a good question cause there's not one specific person that I can think of that I would trade places with. I guess if someone displayed a kind of lifestyle I found appealing, then that would be great. I honestly don't know - I could say Drew, Wes or Marisol all for the same reason, so I can see what living their lives would be like. Also I think Holly Marie Combs cause I love her to pieces too, and I think it would be interesting to play a Charmed one and be able to produce an episode. Could be interesting.

003 - Labyrinth or The Dark Crystal? (You know I wanna reason why)(A)
Aw do I have to choose? C'mon, that's just mean. They're both fantastic, both Jim Henson puppeteered. I miss the 80's. *sob* But, okay, I'll choose Labyrinth cause I've always had a thing for mazes, tricky questions, drama, and music. I would love to have been Sarah for a day running through that maze, meeting new creatures, and trying to work things out for myself.

004 - Freddy Krueger or Jason Vohress? (?Sp) Which is scarier?
Freddy. *shudder* Jason - bleh. He's not scary at all. Just a mindless zombie running around in a hockey mask who, if u get in his way, he'll just stab you. Now Freddy is MUCH more creative, he loves to torture people with mind games, taunts, and he gets creative in his killing. You wouldn't be able to expect what's coming. I think he's fantastic, but if I watch too much of him I do get scared. He's a scary man.

005 - (agh, vain question) Why you like me?
I don't. (a) It's not that I like you, it's that I LOVE you. You're one of the most important people in my life right now, and hopefully forever. You are sweet, crazily fun, endlessly generous, creative to boot. You know how to pull on my emotional strings. You keep me from going absolutely crazy. You cheer me up when I'm down, you brighten my day with fabulous surprises. You understand me, level with me, know exactly where I'm coming from. You love all the same things I do. You're definately one of the most intelligent, creative people I know, and I love getting your insight into things. You're someone I couldn't do without and *hugz* not letting you go when you get here. Gonna kidnap you. :D

*grumble* Now I have to run away and do things again.

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