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Twisted Realities

Twisted Realities RPG Board
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This is my new latest addiction, with my wonderfully brilliant character Caitlyn Cooper (right, I'm not just saying that, I love all my characters dearly). It's an RPG board where your character participtes in both battles for power and casual conversations that strengthen their personalities and history. There are 3 universes (or realms) - Realm Enchante which is full of magic and supernatural-like things, Hidden Alliance which is the land of superheroes and mutants, and Exodus: Omega Dawn which is the dangerous and destructive future. Fight or converse with people from your own realm, or travel to Earth where you can interact with people from other realms. Truly, it is a lot of fun.


Caitlyn Cooper Caitlyn Cooper Caitlyn Cooper
played by Jennifer Metcalfe


Name & Nickname: Caitlyn Cooper
Age/DoB: 23 (Date of Birth unknown)
Parentage: Raised by Benjamin & Armitage Cooper; Born to Galician & Annabelle Muskina
Place Of Origin: She is of Central European descent, but is currently taking refuge within the colony of Osirion, the Underground Vault of Icarus
Realm: Exodus: Omega Dawn (the future one)
Sex: Female
Marital Status: Single, though currently has a bit of a crush on Rick Jones from Realm Enchante
Looks/Appearance: 5’4”, Dark hair & eyes, naturally olive skin
Personality: Caitlyn often feels lost, not knowing her true identity. She is quick to anger and holds a grudge. She doesn’t like to be taunted because it raises her insecurities about herself and makes her less capable to focus on what she should be doing. She doesn’t trust anyone and often spends time on her own, looking for a peaceful and quiet spot where she can re-centre herself. Surprisingly, Caitlyn is quite timid. This has a lot to do with her inexperience, the fact that she is unsure about herself and uncertain about her situations. She is only just starting to dip her toe into doing bad things like lying, stealing, breaking & entering, etc. Although she feels quite confidant if she gets away with this, whenever she thinks she is/will be caught she gets quite frightened. Despite the fact she is generally distrustful, she is also quite gullible and will place a lot of faith into other people until they betray her (then she gets quite angry). Also tends to talk to herself in the third person.
Skills: Can use both hands with various tasks, but is primarily left-handed. Has exceptionally quick reflexes and likes to have her hand fastened on something if she’s to make a move.
Weapon: Flagello Whip (a whip that splits into 3 extensions at the halfway point, inflicting thrice the damage)
Fears: Rats. She had a terrible experience on her first night alone when she woke to find them all over her.

this information will be updated as more knowledge comes to hand


Caitlyn grew up believing that she was the daughter of one of the most influential men in Doug Richards’ life. Always told that her father was a ‘consultant’, Caitlyn wasn’t aware of his true activities until she turned twelve and became much more aware of her father’s actions and contradictory stories. Having followed her father on one of his many ‘special assignments’ after two years of speculation she discovered that he was in fact a hit-man, his ‘position’ namely to kill off those that Doug felt threatened by. Unsure of how she felt about this, Caitlyn returned home and questioned her mother over the morals of ending someone’s life. Simply told that these victims were bad people who continued to evade the law that had been set, Caitlyn continued the next two years of her life oblivious to what her father was doing, the forewarning she gave her mother enough for her to quietly reprimand her husband and force him to further hide his activities from Caitlyn. Upon her sixteenth birthday Caitlyn discovered that not only had her parents been lying to her over their daily activities, but their identities were also false. They were not in fact her real parents, they had simply taken her in out of guilt when her ‘father’ mistakenly slaughtered her real parents during a particularly violent attack. Hurt that she had been lied to her whole life, Caitlyn fled from their deception and has since taken refuge in the colony of Osirion, hiding in the shadows as she tries to piece her life back together and uncover the truth behind the life and family she never had. Spent three years in a monastary.


Like all homes in this section of Osirion, Caitlyn’s was fixed by a steel door, but this was just about the only protective thing about it.

Past that door you’ll find the interior is small. The walls are made of solid rock, lined by scones and candelabras to give this underground residence some refuge of light. On the left there is a sink and a bench. There are no cupboards, only a few dishes stacked on its wooden surface. Next to the bench, secured tightly in the corner, is a food generator. It is the only modern thing in this tiny place. The rest of the floor is occupied by a low black square table surrounded by three red cushions. The fourth is missing. It can be found in the bedroom, acting as a substitute for a pillow.

Dividing this area off from the bedroom is a translucent screen, handy to reveal incoming threats, illuminated by one sole lamp. It works on a timer, generating light strong enough to replicate sunshine coming through a curtained window. Without it, you would be likely to sleep all day.

The screen folds open to reveal a slight elevation that breaks the bedroom flooring from the rest of the residence. There isn’t much to see here – just a mattress on the floor with red sheets and a black mink blanket. There is a rail protruding from the wall which holds a few hangers bearing clothes. The rest are folded neatly and slotted into man-made crevices in the wall. In the far corner is another screen, much smaller, that is currently doubling as a clothesline with one wet towel draped over the end.

To the right is another steel door that easily slides open to give access to the ensuite. There isn’t much in here either – a small toilet and basin, and a shower with a slightly slanted floor that allows the fallen water to flow down to the minute grill against the wall and into the sewer system. There are no lights in here, just shadows cast by the candelabra on the wall. This entire place is dim and dark, but you could expect no less from a cheap residence in Osirion.

What she doesn't remember/know and has yet to find out

20 years ago, someone discovered that Doug Richards was not all that he was cracked up to be. He wasn't this perfect saviour that had helped rebuild the community. They had information that could expose him as the tyrant he was which, if revealed, would turn all of Zylom [and the other colonies] against him and end his reign. An alliance was formed, a small group of rebels who knew of this information. Caitlyn's parents provided sanctuary for this group, opening their home to them for refuge, for a place where they could meet secretly and devise a way to overthrow Doug.

But this revolt never happened. Word reached Doug about what this group was planning, and during one of their secret meetings Doug sent his men to raid the house and destroy everybody within it. Caught completely by surprise, the rebels were promptly slaughtered. Hearing Caitlyn's cries at the loud noises, Benjamin Cooper discovered her in her bedroom and realised they had just invaded a family home and not some empty residence. Presuming Caitlyn's parents likely only lived there and were not part of the rebellion, Benjamin thought he had mistakenly killed them. Guilt-ridden, he snatched Caitlyn from her bed and took her with him.

Little did he [and everyone else] know, that one of Caitlyn's real parents, her mother, did survive the attack. Fearing for her life, she escaped into another world.

Evan Newell, who owned Newell Industries [one of the most successful businesses] and Annabelle Muskina [Caitlyn’s mother] had been friends since they were very little. They had grown up together and apart from Caitlyn’s father, he was the only one Annabelle trusted. Bearing this information that these early rebels had, Caitlyn's believed-dead-mother paid a visit to Evan's firm and handed this information over for safekeeping. Doug was not only trying to buy Newell Industries, but he was also trying to buy their silence. Evan refused to sell his firm, and with it the information, which is why Doug ordered their death. With Benjamin Cooper still in his employ, having screwed up the initial job, he had to redeem himself by killing Evan and Drew [Jade’s mother] to complete the task.

Benjamin still couldn’t bear killing children, and he decided that it was a better option to frame Jade so no-one would believe anything she had to say, [thereby securing the information Doug didn’t want revealed] than to kill her too.

Caitlyn wears a jagged stone around her neck that looks like a rune stone with the corner broken off. This was given to her by Kiu Thanh (one of the monks she got close to) for luck. She will later discover that it is a piece of a stone map that was broken into seven pieces by Annabelle after her escape. She hid 6 pieces in 6 different sanctums for protection. The 7th she took to the monastery where Caitlyn ended up spending 3 years of her life, giving it to the monks there and imploring to them to rescue her daughter and hand her that first piece.

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Caitlyn Cooper now at Twisted Realities
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